Celebrate the difference


A new, efficient, and beautiful cellar where every bottle is properly placed and refined.

Enrico e Marco Faccenda

Over 5000 square metres that descend 28 metres deep under the hill, divided into separate areas for ageing, barriques, tasting room, storehouse, and crutins (small cellars) dug by hand in the naked rock. The new cellar of Cascina Chicco fosters a unique and welcoming environment, where technology and tradition live in conviviality in a spectacular underground facility that displays original bricks and outcrops of chalk crystals. A tribute to the extraordinary land of Roero and its wines.


Remaining consistent in our choice to cultivate the most expressive varieties of each territory, the work in the cellar follows the same principles. Enhancing each subtlety to reach its maximum potential.


hered wines undergo long macerations for a delicate extraction of flavours.


The white wines are processed with cryomaceration to allow the development of flavour, especially fruity aromas, and avoid unwanted micro fermentations.


A defining characteristic of Cascina Chicco’s Metodo Classico is the absence of dosage, when liqueur d’expedition (a sweet liquid) is added before bottling.


Extra Brut Cuvèe Zero and Extra Brut Cuvèe Zero Rosè do not undergo any dosage after they are refermented in the bottle. There are residual yeasts in the bottle after this process, so the wine is filtered.

The absence of liqueur d’expedition, called zero dosage or pas dosè, is a conscious choice to celebrate the pure expressiveness of Nebbiolo.


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