The shades of nebbiolo


Cascina Chicco is one of the few family run wineries in the region that makes all the styles of wine from Nebbiolo: Roero, Barolo, white and rosè Metodo Classico, Langhe Nebbiolo and Nebbiolo d’Alba.

Wine is more than just winemaker’s signature. It is the rhythms and mysteries of nature, the care taken to ensure the vines express their best qualities, the respect paid to the raw ingredients, transforming them in the process.

Our choice in style has been to make wines from this territory. We planted only native varieties of grapes from Roero and the Langhe in vineyards where the soils, the climate, and tradition tell us will produce the best results.

This work has been carried out with one goal: to achieve wine that is rich in the elusive concept of terroir. A taste we continually pursue through experimenting and research in the vineyards and in the cellar.

Roero, finesse and aromatic

Our passion for Nebbiolo began with Roero, the hills that lay to the left of the Tanaro river. The soils on this bank of the river are rich in sand, limestone and clay produce particular wines which we enhance by building elegant aromas and structures with finesse.

All the shades of nebbiolo

Nebbiolo is the primary and most widely planted variety in Roero and the Langhe. More than all of the other varieties, Nebbiolo expresses the greatest variances of terroir.

Pioneers of metodo classico nebbiolo

The suppleness of Nebbiolo has always invited us to experiment.


In 2001, we were one of the first wineries to make a sparling Metodo Classico entirely from Nebbiolo grapes. It is a delicate white winemaking process that undergoes a long ageing with the aim of maintaining all the aromas and subtle characteristics of the original vine. From this experiment we expanded to a rosè winemaking process that has been designed to enhance the aromatics of Nebbiolo while maintain its fresh and pleasant flavour.

The adventure of barolo

Working in this area and making wine from Nebbiolo inevitably means confronting Barolo, the most prestigious style of wine made from this variety


In 2006 we dove headlong into this challenge by purchasing 8 hectares of vineyards within the Ginestra cru in Monforte d’Alba, the heart of the Barolo appellation. From this vineyard we make two labels: Barolo Rocche di Castelletto, which leaves the cellar only after four years of ageing and Barolo Riserva Ginestra, which is aged for 7 years, 40 months of which are in oak barrels.


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